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Preciosa Viva12 Foiled Red Colours

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Probably the most evocative of all colours is the colour red. Red is closely associated with feelings of passion, excitement and energy. Red is one of the three primary colours, along with yellow and blue. These colours cannot be produced by mixing other colours. Red can be mixed with the two other primary colours to produce two secondary colours. If red is mixed with blue it produces purple, whilst if it is mixed with yellow it produces orange. Red is full of dynamism, although, as we will see later, it is not exclusively associated with positive feelings and meanings.

In the sphere of jewellery, costume making and decorative composition, red is frequently used to brighten, enhance and spotlight a whole host of designs and this is no better demonstrated than in the world of crystals. Indeed, the colour red is very well represented in Preciosa’s collection of Viva12 non hotfix, flatback crystal stones.

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Within their distinctive range of flatback crystals, which do not require the introduction of a heat source to be attached to the items that they are being used to decorate, highlight and adorn, Preciosa include several shades of red, which will capture the imagination of product designers and their customers alike.

As mentioned above, there are many positive associations with the colour red, the most obvious of which is love. The human heart is often depicted as being red in colour and, of course, red is the colour of blood, making it the colour that is most closely associated with life. Red, rosy cheeks are commonly associated with good health. The depiction of red as a protective colour is underlined by the colour’s employment by organisations such as the International Red, Cross, the Red Crescent and the British Heart Foundation in its banners and motifs. Red also symbolises heat, energy and passion.

Red is also associated with danger and hazards. We all know that a red light signifies danger. Traffic and railway signals use red to order motorists and engine drivers to stop. A red flashing light is commonly employed to indicate that a piece of equipment or machinery has developed a fault. This use of the colour red is, no doubt, attributable to the fact that it is the most distinct of all the colours of the spectrum. If something is dangerously hot it is often described as being “red hot”, although this phrase is also used to describe a degree of excellence in a person or thing.

On the more negative side, red is often associated with anger, rage and violence. When one loses one’s temper, a “red mist” descends upon them and they begin to “see red.”

Red also throws up some rather mixed messages regarding our perceptions of its symbolism, through its application in our everyday lives. Whilst giving someone the red carpet is indicative of that person’s value, if they go red in the face it indicates their embarrassment. A red letter day is an occasion to be enjoyed but that enjoyment is likely to be hampered if there is too much red tape! Whilst red is indicative of danger, it is nevertheless the most popular colour in national flags, with over three quarters of the world’s countries having the colour in their emblems!

The message that is delivered by Preciosa’s range of red flatback non hotfix crystals stones is most definitely a positive one and the crystals, which are available in shades that include light Siam, Siam, Garnet, Burgundy and light Burgundy, would make an exciting and versatile addition to the tool kit of any jewellery and fashion designer.

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