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Preciosa Viva12 Foiled Purple Colours

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One of the rarest colours in the natural world, purple, represents a multitude of different meanings to different people. This secondary colour, which consists of a mixture of the two primary colours of red and blue, evokes conflicting sentiments and emotions, making it one of the more fascinating colours to appear in Precosa’s individual range of Viva12 non hotfix flatback crystal stones. Within this collection, Preciosa offer a perfect opportunity to jewellery makers, costumiers, couturiers and fashion designers to incorporate this colour in their compositions to produce truly unique pieces. One of the advantages of Preciosa non hotfix flatback crystal stones is that they do not require heat to be attached to the product that they are intended to decorate.

This means that they can be utilised on a far wider range of materials than their hotfix counterparts, which are not suitable for use with any materials that are likely to be damaged by the application of heat. Of course, this makes the attachment process slightly more work-intensive, involving either stitching or gluing the stones to the product in question. Those involved in the industries referred to above would all agree, however, that, whether they are working with hotfix or non hotfix stones, Preciosa’s purple coloured crystal stones can give their designs an unparalleled and unique radiance.

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Although, as we have said, purple rarely appears in the natural world, there are some exceptions, the most notable of which are in flowers such as the iris, lavender, orchid, violet and lilac. Of course, violet, which is a shade of purple, is also one of the colours of the spectrum, appearing as the first (or last) colour of the rainbow. Indigo, which appears alongside violet on the spectrum, is another shade of purple. Purple is also the colour of certain foods, including aubergines, turnips, beetroot, plums and grapes, whilst in the world of jewellery and fashion, one of the most frequently used gemstones is the purple amethyst.

There are several shades of this evocative colour, which is also reflected in the fact that Preciosa’s range also offers a similarly diverse choice of hue. The most well-known shades of purple are violet, indigo, plum, magenta, orchid, mauve and lilac. The softer colours are felt to represent femininity, tranquillity and gentleness, whilst the more positive associations with the deeper shades of purple are calmness, stability, wisdom, dignity and devotedness. Less positive associations with the colour purple are more likely to be evoked by the deeper hues and include feelings of gloominess, sorrow, despondency and frustration. Certain associations with the colour purple can be either positive or negative, according to one’s perspective. These include the aura of wealth, opulence and grandiosity that purple frequently evokes. Whatever the shade, the colour purple always has a sense of mystery about it, which is what makes it one of the most popular decorative colours in the crystal stone market.

Purple is employed in many contexts in everyday life. Its darker side is reflected in the fact that in many traditions it is the colour of mourning. Historically purple has been worn by those in positions of high authority, including royalty, senior members of many religious orders and the judiciary.

Preciosa’s outstanding collection of purple flatback, non hotfix, crystal stones includes light burgundy, amethyst, light amethyst, violet, alexandrite, tanzanite and deep tanzanite. Whatever the nature of the occasion or the mood that you would like your designs to evoke in those who wear them, there is certain to be a Preciosa purple crystal stone that is ideally suited to meet your requirements.

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