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Preciosa Viva12 Foiled Crystal Colours

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Crystal stones have long held a fascination for many people, not only because of their beauty, when it comes to jewellery design and other types of decoration, but also because of their calming, soothing healing qualities.

These two unique features work in combination to make transparent crystal stones the first choice of many jewellery manufacturers, costumiers and dress designers. For those who are working with fabrics that are not conducive to the heating process that is required for application of the stones through the hotfix procedure, Preciosa’s flatback Viva12 non hotfix range of stones provides the opportunity to work with clear crystal, non-hotfix stones, which will truly enhance the appearance of any product.

The formation of natural crystal stones is a fascinating process in itself, which undoubtedly relates to the magnetism of these unique, individual and versatile gemstones.

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Natural Crystal Formation

The great majority of natural mineral crystal stones are formed through the cooling of molten rocks deep within the earth’s crust. Through a process known as crystallisation, as the molten rock cools down, crystals are formed. These then attach to each other resulting in a collection of irregular shapes and sizes. Not surprisingly, most natural crystal formations occur in volcanic rocks, adding further to their mystique. Historically, these natural rock crystals were utilised for making adornments such as beads, and for decorating small statues and plates, bowls and dishes. Natural crystals are formed in many shapes and all of these shapes can be precision cut to suit the ultimate purpose that is intended for the finished crystal stones.

As interest in the employment of crystal for jewellery and decoration grew, those involved in those industries began working on methods of producing artificial crystal stones.

Crystal Manufacture

In seeking to mirror the crystal stones that were produced by the natural process referred to above, glass, which had already been manufactured for some time, was used as the basic component. To enhance the characteristics of the glass, certain metals were added and, after considerable experimentation, it was found that the most effective of these metals was lead. Lead crystal is considered by many to have a quality as high as natural crystal stone, with a warmth, depth and sparkling appearance. Once again, this manufactured crystal can be cut according to the requirements of the particular customer.

Crystal Cutting

The cutting process is, of course, an essential part of crystal stone production and is a highly skilled profession when it is carried out manually. Manually cut crystal stones are likely to be of the highest quality and, consequently, amongst the most expensive crystals. In order to keep the cost of crystals affordable and permit their mass production, precision crystal cutting machines were introduced in the late 19th century. Modernised versions of these cutting machines are still employed in the crystal design, manufacture and retail world.


The Attraction of Crystal

The principal quality of the crystal stones that appear in Preciosa’s Viva12 non hotfix flatback range are their reflective qualities. This is the reason that the clear crystal stones are so popular - because they are so excellent at reflecting external light and colours. In addition to the jewellery products, such as beads, necklaces, pendants and bracelets, for which crystal stones are frequently employed, their ability to reflect light and colour so powerfully also makes Preciosa flatback crystals ideal for decorating fabrics, items of clothing and other products. In either case, these versatile crystal stones will ensure that the character and appearance of any design is enhanced and given added sparkle and colour. 

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Additional Information

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