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Preciosa Viva12 Foiled Blue Colours

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If you are decorating an item that is not fabric based, such as plastic, rubber or leather, it is unlikely that you will be able to use Hotfix stones, as the heating process that is required to attach these is very likely to damage your product. Instead, you will need to use non-hotfix stones, which can be attached to your item either by sewing of by glue.

Luckily, there is a wide range of Preciosa non-hotfix, flatback crystal stones and these are available in a variety of different colours from which to choose. One of the most popular of these colours is blue, the third colour of the rainbow.

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The Power of Blue

Blue colours have long held a fascination, not only in the world of jewellery making and decoration but also in the fields of symbolism and psychology. Most of what we see in the world is blue. The ocean and the sky are constant reminders of the significance of the colour to our world. Whereas other colours are felt to reflect positive, energetic, light and happy sentiments, blue is considered to be deeper, more tranquil and even sometimes despondent. Blue is often associated with masculinity – even from birth – and is also considered to be a colour that is indicative of strength. Preciosa’s blue non-hotfix, flatback crystal stones are therefore a perfect adornment for any items that are inclined towards masculinity and fortitude.

Similarly, blue is the colour that represents purity, truth, clarity and honesty. Many people envisage their own idea of heaven as a place with a bright blue sky. Whilst blue has always been associated with sadness or loneliness, giving rise to expressions such as “feeling blue”, it is still one of the world’s most favoured colours, as is evidenced by the fact that denim jeans, one of the most popular clothing items worldwide, are blue in colour.

Of course, there are many shades of blue, all of which both evoke and reflect different feelings and this is also equally reflected in the range of Preciosa’s blue non-hotfix, flatback crystal stones. Darker shades of blue are considered to indicate sincerity, honesty, respect and trustworthiness. Brighter blue colours, which many people feel reflect the colours of the oceans, are indicative of cleanliness, fortitude, reliability, depth and calmness. The light shades of blue, which mirror the skies above us, have a more mystical, heavenly and spiritual connotation.

Although only 8% of the world’s population have blue eyes (the majority of these being centred in and around Northern Europe) it is nevertheless the second most common eye colour, after brown. Blue is such a popular colour that it is in over half of the world’s national emblems. Professionalism is considered to de demonstrated by wearing a dark blue suit. It is the favoured colour of the majority of corporations in the USA. In Christian culture, blue is associated with the Virgin Mary, whilst the European aristocracy are even said to have blue blood flowing through their veins!

Blue is also versatile, meaning that Preciosa’s blue non-hotfix, flatback crystal stones can be easily and tastefully coordinated with different coloured stones to create even more attractive, distinctive and unique designs.

Whatever piece of jewellery or other item you may wish to create or decorate, Preciosa’s non-hotfix, flatback crystal stones provide the perfect solution. Their range of blue stones, which include Aquamarine, Aqua Bohemica, Turquoise, Light Sapphire, Sapphire, Montana, Capri Blue, Indicolite and Blue Zircon, reflect all the possible symbolisms of this unique colour and will provide an ideal

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Additional Information

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