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Hotfix Preciosa Viva12 Pink Colours

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If you were asked to name the colour that, in your view, most typifies youth, innocence, femininity, warmth, calmness, virtue and nurturing the likelihood is that pink would be at the forefront of your thoughts. Pink, which is a combination of red and white, is felt by many to represent a perfect combination of the best features of its two base colours.

The somewhat plain, bland, innocuous, dour appearance of white is spiced up by mixing it with red whilst the fire, passion, anger and mischief of red are toned down somewhat by mixing it with the more diffident white. Items of jewellery, clothing and other fabrics and products that are coloured or decorated in pink can adapt to either of these two moods, depending on how the wearer may feel from time to time and this versatility is reflected in the availability of a selection of pink stones within Preciosa’s collection of hotfix flatback crystals.

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Pink is considered to be a thoughtful colour, connoting consideration, kindness and tenderness. It is also an attractive colour, an indication of a positive frame-of-mind for the future. Pink is also a relaxing colour, where the impact of its white half relaxes the anger, aggression and rage that often accompany its red component. Pink is additionally felt to symbolise childish innocence, lack of skill, sincerity and virtue.
As with all colours, you will find unfavorable as well as positive connotations and, on the less positive side, pink is often related to silliness, naiveté, gullibility, weakness, and lack of application. These less positive symbolisms are usually applicable more to the lighter shades of pink than to the darker, predominantly red shades.

Pink is itself a tint, or a hue, as it is a combination of two colours rather than an original colour and it also comes in a variety of its own tints. These range from the deeper, darker, shades of pink, dominated by red, to the lighter, brighter shades, where white is the predominant partner. Shades of pink include amaranth, carmine, carnation, cerise, coral, rose , fuchsia, salmon, rose and ruby pink.

In European culture, pink is strongly indicative of femininity. From the moment a child is born, the message that pink is for girls (and blue is for boys) is clearly apparent (except in Belgium, where the reverse is often the case!) This message is reinforced into adulthood. The colour pink is also a sign of good health, with pink skin being perceived as indicative of youth and vigour, giving rise to the expression, “in the pink.”

Preciosa’s Viva12 range of hotfix crystal colours reflects the diversity of the different shades of pink by offering a generous selection of crystal stones. The shades of pink in the Preciosa range include light peach, rose opal, light rose, pink sapphire, rose, Indian pink, fuchsia and ruby, providing an ideal opportunity for decorating and adorning every possible design.

If you are looking for a perfect colour for a jewellery or clothing creation or to spruce up an existing item, pink hotfix flatback crystal stones represent a unique design option. As we have demonstrated, one of the most fascinating colours available, representing all of the feelings, emotions and evocations described above, is pink.

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Additional Information

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