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Helping Hands

To supplement our extensive range of high quality crystal stones and associated components, we also provide a helping hand to our customers to ensure that they are able to put their Preciosa crystal products to their best use. Our helping hands merchandise has been carefully selected to best complement our product range.

Because our catalogue of stones and other accessories are most frequently attached to jewellery items or clothing and costumes using glue, our helping hands provide some of the most effective adhesives.

Our quality glues include the following popular products:

Dazzle Tac. Dazzle Tac is an adhesive that has considerable strength and is perfectly suited to gluing base metals, crystals and other stones and glass. It is a flexible brand of glue, which bonds quickly and strongly but retains a degree of flexibility. Its crystal clear dry colour means that is does not impact on the appearance of the finished product and it is also water proof and sun resistant. The adhesive, which has a helpful applicator nozzle to ensure precision, will help to ensure that your Preciosa products remain attached to your jewellery or base material permanently.

Fabri-Tac. As its name suggests, Fabri-Tac is particularly suited to the attachment of crystal products to fabric. The main reason for this is that it has anti-staining and anti-soaking properties, combined with the ability to provide a permanent, rapid, quick drying, crystal clear bond. This bond is also washable. It is perfect for gluing our crystal stones to clothing, theatrical costumes, jewellery boxes, leather items such as boots, shoes and hand bags, ornaments, party pieces, decorative ribbons, sashes and head dresses. It is also effective with wood, suede and glass. An appropriately sized hole in the applicator top can be made to suit the precision of the gluing operation and ensure a completely clean finish.

Araldite 2 part glue. Araldite products have long been recognised as high quality adhesives and Araldite Rapid 2 part glue is no exception. It provides a long lasting, water resistant bond and is free of any solvents. It can also withstand high temperatures as well as being resistant to oil, chemicals and rough handling. It is suitable for bonding crystal, glass, ceramics, all types of fabric, leather and most plastic products. It will dry to full strength in around two hours. It is easily applied, involving mixing the two tubes making up the adhesive in equal parts for around 30 seconds. Once the mix has been completed, it should be used within five minutes.

Gem -Tac Glue. Ideal for use on all types of surface, from smooth and shiny to porous, Gem-Tac glue is perfect for use with crystal, glass, ceramics, leather, patent leather, material, and vinyl. It provides a strong, permanent, washable bond and is especially suited to the attachment of rhinestones, crystals, pearls and other semi-precious stones. It is economical, requiring only a modest amount of adhesive to provide a hold and is crystal clear when dry. It can be applied either using its own applicator or, where greater precision is needed, a pen point applicator can be purchased to screw onto the applicator tip.

As with all our products, we are only too happy to provide further information regarding our helping hands, so please feel free to contact us if we can be of assistance.

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